In our everyday lives, we are constantly making decisions regardless of them being big or small. Whether it’s choosing what to eat for breakfast or deciding on a career path, making informed decisions is essential for navigating through life. But how do we make these decisions wisely? One tool that can significantly aid us in this process is the preliminary estimate.

So, what exactly is a preliminary estimate? It’s an initial approximation or guess of a certain value or outcome before detailed analysis or data gathering. While it may seem basic, preliminary estimates play a crucial role in helping us make informed decisions. Let’s look a bit deeper into how they work and why they matter.

Understanding the Basics of Preliminary Estimates

Imagine you’re planning a road trip with friends. Before you start your journey, you estimate the distance to your destination, the time it will take you to get there, and the amount of fuel that is needed for the trip. These estimates provide you with a rough idea of what to expect and help you plan accordingly.

Similarly, in various decisions of life, preliminary estimates serve as the building blocks of decision making. For that our company, Dekr provides its clients with a starting point. We as a company then  assess the feasibility and potential outcomes of different options and then report back to our client.

How Preliminary Estimates Aid Decision Making:

Preliminary estimates play a crucial role in aiding decision making across various aspects of life. Here’s how they help:


  • Setting Realistic Expectations:

Preliminary estimates help set realistic expectations by giving us a ballpark figure of what to anticipate. Whether it’s estimating project costs, timelines, or resource requirements, having an initial estimate made by Dekr’s professionals allows us to gauge the feasibility of our clients plans and adjust them if necessary.

  • Identifying Risks and Opportunities:

By providing an early assessment of potential risks and opportunities, preliminary estimates done by Dekr’s professionals empower their clients to make proactive decisions. For instance, in business ventures, estimating market demand or revenue projections enables entrepreneurs to identify potential risks and devise strategies to reduce them.

  • Allocating Resources Wisely:

Effective resource allocation is essential for achieving optimal outcomes. Preliminary estimation services are conducted by Dekr as they assist in allocating resources such as time, finances, and manpower efficiently. Whether it’s budgeting for a household expense or allocating funds for a business initiative, Dekr’s professionals make an initial estimate for their clients that guides them about resource allocation decisions.

  • Facilitating Comparative Analysis:

When evaluating multiple options or alternatives, our preliminary estimates serve as a basis for comparative analysis. By comparing estimated costs, benefits, and risks associated with each option, we can make informed choices for our clients that align with their objectives and constraints.

The Importance of Flexibility and Iteration:

Preliminary estimates are helpful, but they’re not fixed forever. As things change and people learn more, estimates might need a bit tweaking every now and then. Our company being flexible and willing to make changes just for their clients helps them stay on top of evolving situations. It’s like adjusting our clients plans as we get new information, so we can make better decisions for them along the way. By being open to change, we can respond to what’s happening around us and keep moving forward effectively.

Case Study: Preliminary Estimates in Project Management

In a construction project, the first estimate shows how much money and time it might take to finish. But sometimes, unexpected problems happen, like materials not arriving on time or bad weather slowing things down. By checking and updating the estimate often, the project managers can make smart choices. They might move money around to fix problems or change the schedule to adapt to delays. It’s like having a roadmap that they can adjust as they go along, so they can stay on track and finish the project successfully.


In conclusion, preliminary estimation services provided by our company are invaluable and help in decision making across various domains of life. By providing early insights, identifying risks and opportunities, and guiding resource allocation to our clients preliminary estimates empower us to make informed and strategic decisions for our clients construction project.

While preliminary estimates offer a solid foundation for decision making, it’s important to approach them with a degree of flexibility and openness to iteration. By embracing the dynamic nature of decision making, we help adapt to changing circumstances and navigate towards successful outcomes.

In essence, the next time you have to make a decision right away, consider the power of our preliminary estimation services in guiding your path forward. By leveraging these estimations wisely, our clients can pave the way towards informed and effective decision making in both their personal and professional construction projects.


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