At Dekr Estimation, our building cost estimators are experts in the nitty-gritty of thermal and moisture protection work for residential and commercial projects. We've been assisting professionals in waterproofing, roofing, firestopping, caulking, siding, sealants, roof consulting, sheet metal flashing, and trim contracting for many years. Our estimates cover everything from sealants and vapor barriers to insulation.

These estimates, crafted by our skilled estimators, serve multiple purposes. Whether it's for procurement, ordering materials, estimating labor, or putting together bid proposals, we've got you covered. Our freelance construction estimators tailor the cost estimates to match your specific trade expertise.

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Meet our Commercial Flooring estimator at Dekr Estimation! They've got you covered for every flooring need, whether it's interior finishes, exterior touches, tiles, or marble stone work – they're pros at it all. And when it comes to commercial roofing, our estimators are experts, handling everything from EIFS to fireproofing applications with skill and precision.

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Thermal Insulation Estimating

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Our project estimators go into the nitty-gritty of each division, providing detailed takeoffs. From online roof repair estimates to tin, steel, garage, metal, slate, shingle, and flat roof estimates, everything gets precisely digitized and quantified using top-notch takeoff software, neatly organized in an EXCEL sheet.

Most homeowners come to us with their house roof needs, and with drawings or specifications in hand, we leverage our experience and recent portfolio to handle each project with expertise. We quickly deliver the estimated cost to build a house roof within hours.

Among roofing contractors, we've earned a reputation as the go-to roofing estimates company. Once we receive the details, our dedicated department considers all necessary aspects, crafting a comprehensive, easy-to-understand roof estimate. We offer 24/7 support, so feel free to check out our profile on The Blue Book.

Fire Proofing & Fire Stopping Estimating – Material Takeoff

Every fireproofing and fire-stopping contractor needs a reliable estimation partner or estimator to delve into the details of plans. This involves assessing the fireproofing rating, as well as structural elements like beams, columns, walls, and framing assemblies. Our expert estimators specialize in providing all the essential details, including insulation thickness, insulation material, and structural specifics. These details play a vital role for contractors in the bidding and procurement process.

Our project portfolio spans a diverse range, including schools, public facilities, hospitals, commercial zones, retail spaces, and restaurants.

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Thermal & Moisture Protection Takeoffs

  • fire retardant cable sprays takeoffs
  • damproofing takeoffs
  • waterproofing takeoffs
  • chemical grouting takeoffs
  • EIFS( Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems) takeoffs
  • Weather Barriers takeoffs
  • Vapor Resistive Barriers takeoffs
  • Vapor Permeable Barriers takeoffs
  • membrane roofing takeoffs
  • bituminuous roofing takeoffs
  • coping takeoffs
  • gutters and downspouts takeoffs
  • intumescent fireproofing takeoffs
  • spray fireproofing takeoffs
  • joint sealants takeoffs
  • joint seals takeoffs

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