Excel has long been a staple tool for construction estimating, cherished by contractors for its accessibility, affordability, and user-friendly interface. However, many contractors have come to realize that Excel falls short as an ideal estimating solution for construction projects due to several limitations that can hinder efficiency and competitiveness. Here’s why:


Excel operates in isolation, lacking integration with other software systems. This results in project information being trapped in data silos, making it cumbersome to access as projects progress.

The better way: Dekr Estimation seamlessly transfers estimate data to other back-office business systems, enabling multiple teams to access consistent information throughout the project lifecycle, thus eliminating redundant data entry tasks.


While Excel is effective within its limits, it struggles to accommodate the complexities of data-driven estimates or the growth of a contracting business.

The better way: Dekr Estimation online cloud platform offers limitless scalability, allowing businesses to expand their estimating capabilities as needed without investing in additional hardware or infrastructure.


Excel calculations are reliable but susceptible to errors, potentially leading to significant discrepancies in estimates, especially with manual modifications.

The better way: Dekr Estimation automates calculations for materials, labor, equipment, taxes, and other costs, minimizing errors. Moreover, it provides robust data protection, preventing accidental alterations or deletions.


Excel’s simplicity makes it easy to use, but contractors often struggle with technical issues due to lack of dedicated support.

The better way: Dekr Estimation provides a team of onboarding specialists, trainers, and construction software experts to promptly address queries and resolve issues, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Make it even better: For a comprehensive comparison between Excel and Dekr’s for construction estimating.

By leveraging Dekr advanced features and dedicated support, contractors can overcome the limitations of Excel and streamline their estimating processes for enhanced efficiency and competitiveness in the construction industry.

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