We recognize that experience is irreplaceable in the field of Texas construction project management. Understanding that each project comes with distinctive challenges demanding tailored solutions, our dedication to excellence ensures that we stand prepared to apply our years of expertise to meet your needs.

Our clients have discovered that adopting an integrated approach to project management delivers superior results

Our clients have experienced the superior outcomes resulting from an integrated approach to project management.

Project management encompasses the continuous process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling to achieve specific goals. This involves identifying and selecting projects, forming teams, allocating resources, monitoring progress, measuring performance against plans, taking corrective action if deviations occur, and reporting on progress or issues.

Integrated project management goes a step further by fostering early collaboration among design professionals and other team members, including architects and engineers, before the commencement of construction. This entails active involvement in every phase of the construction process, from design inception to occupancy, addressing potential issues proactively to prevent them from escalating into major problems.

construction project management
construction project management


Our pre-construction services include:

  • Providing detailed scope of work and budget to help you clearly understand the goals for your project.
  • Spotting potential problems before they become expensive issues.
  • Creating a detailed schedule that accounts for scheduling considerations like weather, holidays, equipment maintenance, and other factors that can impact your timeline.

You'll receive a detailed scope of work and budget, potential problems, and scheduling considerations during pre-construction

construction project management
construction project management

As your general contractor, we collaborate with you to comprehend the project's scope and budget. Prior to proceeding with construction, we assess potential issues and scheduling considerations.

Once all aspects are aligned, we embark on the substantial tasks—quite literally! From pouring concrete foundations to installing drywall, we possess the expertise to elevate every element, ensuring your space exudes brilliance upon completion.


Our design planning process transcends mere aesthetics, considering every facet of the project to guarantee optimal functionality before the commencement of construction. It's crucial to emphasize that your home or commercial space should not only boast beauty but also cater to the practical needs of you and your family.

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We provide value management, team selection and coordination, municipal approval tracking, and more

We offer a range of services, including value management, team selection and coordination, municipal approval tracking, and more. Value management is a systematic process aimed at securing the best possible price for your project. Our focus on managing project costs ensures that all work meets the required level of quality without introducing unnecessary expenses to an already constrained budget.

Additionally, we meticulously select the most suitable team members for each task, allowing them to leverage their individual talents for optimal results. This involves collaborating with you to identify qualified contractors known for their honesty, trustworthiness, and ability to deliver high-quality work at reasonable prices.

Moreover, we take charge of the municipal approval process, alleviating your concerns about bureaucratic hurdles or delays in obtaining permits from local officials before commencing construction on your property.

construction project management
construction project management

Bidding and procurement

construction project management
construction project management

The construction project management Services (Dekr Estimation) team will take care of all your bidding and procurement needs, including:

  • Bid process. This includes bid analysis, bidding management, and bid evaluation.
  • Procurement process. This includes conducting a tender solicitation, preparing and submitting bids to the client or other prospective buyers/suppliers (including negotiation), opening tenders/bids, and award decisions on compliant tenders/bids.

Construction operations

  • Coordinating construction quality control
  • Subcontractor/vendor oversight
  • On-site supervision of construction operations (including coordination of subcontractors and vendors)
  • Stakeholder communication

See your vision brought to life as we coordinate quality control, subcontractor/vendor oversight, on-site supervision, and stakeholder communication

  • Quality control. We ensure that the project is constructed by the plans and specifications and municipal codes and regulations.
  • Subcontractor/vendor oversight. We manage all subcontractors and vendors to ensure they meet their contractual obligations, adhere to quality standards, provide a safety-conscious workplace, maintain safe working conditions for our crews, etc.
  • On-site supervision. We oversee construction activities to complete projects on time and within budget without compromising quality or safety standards (we even provide coffee).
  • Stakeholder communication. Our team of professional communicators keeps you apprised of ongoing developments throughout every stage of each project so you can plan ahead accordingly—or make changes if necessary—to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

POST-Construction services

  • Punch list completion
  • O&M manuals
  • After-construction services
construction project management
construction project management

We assure consistent quality of constructionfor years to come with a thorough punch list completion and more

construction project managment
construction project managment

We meticulously track the advancement of every stage in construction project management Texas, guaranteeing the timely and budget-compliant completion of all tasks.

At the close of each month, our team conducts a comprehensive punch list to ensure the thorough resolution of every item before delivering the project to you or your tenant. This proactive measure significantly reduces the likelihood of service-related errors, such as issues with electricity, once you occupy the space.

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